You've Got Your Living Trust
Now You need to Put Your Home Into Your Trust
From: Dan X. Nguyen, Esq.
Date: Now
Location: California
Congratulations on getting your estate plan done! You are in the exclusive club of 40% of people that have their estate planning done. But you're not all the way there yet: if you have a home, you need to put your home into your trust to avoid probate.
Our deed preparation service will include all the documents you need to put your home into your newly created revocable living trust:
  • Trust Transfer Deed: draft the transfer deed and make sure title is correct to put your home into your trust. 
  • Preliminary Change of Ownership Report: draft the preliminary change of ownership report to be filed along with your deed and submitted to the county recorder's office.
  • State Bill 2 Exemption: Starting in 2018, California assessed a $75 fee for each new document filed with the county recorder. Your primary residence is exempted from this fee and a coversheet or other required wording on the  deed is necessary to avoid the fee.
  • Check Title to the Property: we check with county records to verify who currently owns the property so that the filing is done correctly.
Don't let your living trust go unfunded and avoid the probate process by making sure your home is titled in the name of the trust.
Over 25 Homes Funded into Netlaw Trusts over 2 Years
We have transferred over 25 homes for Netlaw families with revocable living trusts over the last 2 years, plus more outside of those that we assisted with preparing their living trusts. 
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P.S. : Our services are only available in California at this time. If you need additional deed(s) for more than 1 property, please purchase one and contact instructions will follow.
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